What is Search Engine Marketing ?

Search engine marketing, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With millions of businesses out there all vying for the same audience, it becomes important to stand out in the search results. SEM is a method of driving traffic to your website using paid advertisements to drive business.

Why is Search Engine Marketing Important?

When people decide to perform a search, they can be targeted through Search Engine Marketing. Businesses now have the opportunity to target people directly based on what they search and if the search is well targeted, it will result in more conversions. Million of searches take place, one needs to ensure that the target settings are precise to maximise SEM performance. One can target on the basis of location (geo-targeting), device, and also do ad scheduling to target people during certain hours of the week or days of the week), etc. with a budget control of the campaign.

Search Engine Marketing is among the most effective customer acquisition tools available today. Our SEO training institute Navi Mumbai and Thane offer SEO and SEM courses that will help you get results from your search marketing efforts and empower you with practical, hands-on skills which you can be put to work immediately. In this course you will learn about how your website is found on Google, the search landscape and how to spot trends in search.

SEM Topics Covered

Search Engine Marketing
1. Introduction
2. Getting to Know AdWords
~ Online Marketing
~ Introduction
~ Elements of Online Marketing
3. Search Marketing
~ Concept of Search Engine
~ Organic
~ Paid Google
4. Adword
~ How Google Adword Works?
~ How Rank Calculated?
~ Account Set Up
~ AdWords Account, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords
5. Getting Started
~ Understanding pay-per-click advertising
~ Valuing the benefits of AdWords
~ Understanding AdWords ad types
~ Understanding where ads show up
~ Creating your account
~ Exploring the AdWords account structure
~ Organizing campaigns and ad groups
~ Learning the interface
6. Researching Keywords
~ Valuing keyword research
~ Understanding keyword match types
~ Using negative keywords
~ Evaluating a keyword
~ Using the Keyword Planner tool
7. Creating Your First Search Campaign
~ Creating a new campaign
~ Targeting locations and languages
~ Setting your bidding strategy and budget
~ Setting your delivery and advanced settings
~ Using ad extensions
8. Creating Your First Ad Group
~ Writing effective text ads
~ Creating a new ad group
~ Working with additional ad groups
~ Using bid adjustments
9. Understanding Quality Score
~ Understanding the AdWords auction
~ Understanding Quality Score
~ Identifying Quality Score issues
10. Tracking Ad Performance
~ Defining conversions
~ Using AdWords Conversion Tracking
~ Installing Conversion Tracking code
~ Linking Google Analytics to AdWords
11. Optimizing for Performance
~ Measuring return on investment (ROI)
~ Enabling and finding conversion metrics
~ Using the Conversion Optimizer
~ Testing your ads with split tests
~ Understanding the balance between performance and volume
12. Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns
~ Understanding remarketing in AdWords
~ Creating a remarketing list
~ Using display formats
~ Creating a remarketing campaign
13. Leveraging Video Advertising
~ Understanding video ads
~ Using YouTube TrueView formats
~ Creating a video campaign
~ Reading video campaign reports
14. Display Ads
15. Shopping Ads
16. Video Ads
17. Conversion Optimizer
18. My Client Centre
19. Practicals:
~ Keyword Planner
~ Video Ad
~ Shopping Ad
~ PPC Ad Campaign
~ Remarketing Campaign

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Student Testimonials

“If you your looking to learn digital marketing,this is the best institute,learn all the 5 module(SEO,SEM,SMM,Email&mobile marketing,the best part is if you miss any classes ,you can easily sit on the next batch and cover d syllabus,they offer 1 year member ship so you can sit on n number of classes if you have any doubts in future in a year.Its one of the few digital marketing academy which offer placement assistence. Learned a lot from this institute.”

MCTA Student

Sanal Suraj

“Very good institute with great faculty that covers all 4 modules (SMM, SEM, SEO and E-mail Marketing) within 5 weeks. Value for money. Also one of the few institutes that offer placements. Today, as I write this review I am happy to inform that I have been placed in a Digital Marketing firm with a package of 3Lac PA. I would like to thank all my tutors starting from Varsha Pagare, Reshma Sheikh, Sunil Nat and Susmita Nagral for sharing their expertise to all of us.”

Rajiv Chandramohan

“If you are looking for a institute to learn Digital Media Marketing look no further than MCTA.
From the trainer to material and the practical assignment. Everything is on mark and perfectly curated for you to gain best knowledge on the world of Digital Media Marketing.”

Megha Prabhu

MCTA Provide Great Industry based Training in Digital Marketing, also Provide Best Classroom Training by Experienced Faculty form Digital Marketing Industry.
Course Content are good.Flexible timings and we can reattained Missed Lecture.
My Overall Experience with MCTA is really Great, It also help me to Grow my knowledge in Digital Marketing

Bhushan Tandel

MCTA Vashi

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Sector 30A, Plot No. 39,Near Inorbit Mall,
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